Genealogy Research Services

Our research services are geared to help you learn more about your family's ancestry and uncover the many interesting facets of your family's past. Whether you are interested in a specific family line or compiling a complete family tree, we can help. With access to millions of public and private records, our staff can trace your family in the United States, Canada and the British Isles. Learning about your family, where they came from and what they did can be an exciting adventure. TMB Research is ready to help you in this discovery.

free evaluation

Contact us for a free evaluation of your research needs, and we can discuss your research questions.

report & documentation

Upon completion of each research project, we provide the following:

  • Research Report: walks you through the research process and findings
  • Document Calendar: lists all sources searched and records located
  • Photocopies: the records where your ancestors were found
  • Pedigree & Family Group Sheets: updated with new information found in each session


Genealogy research fees are $60.00 an hour.

Expenses, such as copy costs and reasonable document fees, are included in the research price. In some cases, we will seek client approval before ordering expensive or excessive documents.